176 Homes For Sale in Whittier, CA

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The vibrant and historically rich city of Whittier, California, lies about 12 miles southeast of Los Angeles - far enough from the big city for those who prefer less traffic, but close enough to easily drive downtown to enjoy the nightlife. The homes available here range from smaller, 2-bed 1-bath units to luxurious 5-bedroom houses that could accommodate a large family. There are also plenty of spacious lots of over half an acre. The charming suburban environment, which sits beside some rich historic districts, fits a population of about 85,000 people in its 14.7 square miles.

Part of what makes Whittier so historically rich is its location - it is where the Quaker faith originated. Anyone can visit the house of Jonathan and Rebecca Bailey; the first meetings of the Friends were held on their front porch. It is because of the flourishing presence of the Quakers that Whittier received its name, which was borrowed from a much-adored Quaker poet, John Greenleaf Whittier. Whittier College, a private liberal arts college that boasts a lifetime of over 100 years, bears the mark of this history with its relevant mascot, the Poet. Along with the beautiful new homes that are always being developed, there are four historic residential districts that preserve the architecture and design of the older parts of town: the Hadley-Greenleaf District, Central Park District, Earlham Historic District and College Hills District.

Whittier finds itself situated along the historic path of the Road of the King, or El Camino Real - a road that once connected the missions of California. At the First National Bank and Bank of America building, you can visit the first law office of former U.S. President Richard Nixon. A tree remains to remind us of the walnut industry that once flourished in that part of Southern California: the Paradox Hybrid Walnut Tree contains the DNA of both an English walnut and a black walnut. These are just some of the nationally recognized and historically significant destinations in Whittier. The Art in Public Places ordinance, which has been in place since 1993, dedicates a portion of the city’s funding to the development of art in various public areas throughout Whittier. There are many amazing works to be found all over the city, such as the Arch at Whittier Boulevard and Greenleaf Avenue, or the Garden Gate at Lou Henry Hoover Park. Whittier, California, is not just a place one should visit; it is also a great place to live.