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Located along the Arkansas River is the largest city in Kansas. Wichita, Kansas, is the go-to place in the larger Wichita metropolitan area and Sedgwick County. The population is constantly growing. For example, it grew from 382,368 to 388,413 from 2010 to 2014. Many people find their homes here. Residential areas in Wichita include Riverside, which is across the river and College Hill, which is east of downtown and is a historical neighborhood. Old Town has mixed neighborhoods to live in.

Wichita has been a hub of business for a long time, ever since its days as a trading post in the 1860s before its incorporation in 1870. Cattle drives would come to the area from Texas in order to get to the railroads. It soon became a central area for aircraft production starting in the 1920s. So much aircraft manufacturing occurred that it was deemed The Air Capital of the World. This is still a large part of Wichita's economy and namesake to this day. Much of Wichita's economy is based on aircraft manufacturing, healthcare services, and oil. Koch Industries is headquartered in Wichita and is one of the largest private companies in the country. If you move here you can be rest assured you are moving to a place with many economic opportunities.

The downtown area of Wichita is a great place for visitors and residents alike. It's just east of the river and includes several restaurants, nightclubs, bars, shops, movie theaters, and apartments. The downtown area also features the tallest building in Wichita known as the Epic Center, which is used as business space for law firms and banks. Wichita is also a great place for education, from primary to higher education. Wichita has about 50,000 students, which makes it the biggest school district in the state. There are many private schools available for parents who desire their children to have a private education. Wichita State University, Friends University, Newman University, and Wichita Area Technical College have their main campuses in the city with many more having satellite locations here. The climate of Wichita is a humid subtropical climate common in northern North America. The winters are normally dry and cold while the summers are hot and humid. There is a lot of culture and entertainment to find in Wichita. Browse our selection of homes available here. Narrow down your search with our criteria options to find the perfect home.