268 Homes For Sale in Woodstock, GA

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Although the hugely popular musical festival is known by the same name, Woodstock, GA is also known for its fair share of concerts and art events. It is also known for its many outdoors activities. There are many concerts held in Georgia throughout the year, as well as many hikes and bike trails throughout the city for its residents to enjoy the great outdoors.

With a population of roughly 24,000 people, Woodstock is still small enough to feel like you have your own space without bumping into someone. There is a huge inventory of single family homes in Woodstock and the good news is too that you can likely find something in your price range that also offers a lot of land and open space. While in many other places throughout the country you will be trading more square footage for a small or no yard, or a large yard but a cramped house, the homes and properties in Woodstock are generally proportionate and you can have the best of both worlds.

Above all, Woodstock is a city devoted to the health and overall wellbeing of its residents. For example, citizens of Woodstock formed the Greenprints Project in 2009. The Greenprints Project is a massive undertaking that involved constructing trails throughout the city’s natural open spaces. The Project not only created green space throughout Woodstock but also connected Woodstock trails to other trails in neighboring cities. When the project is complete, over 60 miles of new trails will be added throughout Woodstock throughout existing green space, new parks, as well as throughout retail centers and all the neighborhoods in Woodstock as well.