75 New Homes For Sale in Woodstock, GA

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One of the fastest growing suburbs in the United States, Woodstock is located in the metropolitan Atlanta area of north Georgia. Woodstock is a mid-sized city boasting a smorgasbord of different home styles to fit a diversity of buyers, from multi-million dollar mansions to cozy bungalows. Homes in Woodstock range in size from one thousand square feet up to five or even six thousand square feet, accommodating to every family size and budget.

The 11 square miles of land that constitute Woodstock are primarily divided into three districts. The historic downtown is typical of many old-time architectural hubs in small southern cities, showcasing 19th and 20th century building styles and restored and revitalized structures that echo a bygone era. Along Main Street, historic homes that are a century old, or more, thrive in their original or converted states. Towne Lake, just two miles west of downtown, is the second neighborhood of Woodstock, and is a planned community mixed with upscale commercial district. The up and coming area called the Ridgewalk line is the third enclave of the city, another residential and mixed use space. An abundance of recreational areas and green spaces dot the city, such as Little River and the Noonday Creek. As part of the Greenprints Project, biking and walking trails have been created alongside many of these open areas.

The economy of Woodstock relies on a mix of sectors, including health and education, retail and commerce, government, and professional and business services. The historic downtown area is a thriving hub of retail, including many restaurants and small, local businesses. The Cherokee County School System and the fire and police departments are sizeable and serve as a major source of employment in the area. Notably, Woodstock is also home to the Consulate General of El Salvador, a fact which attracts some relevant jobs. Many Woodstock residents commute into Atlanta or a nearby suburb for employment.