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Bowling Green, KY About an hour from Nashville, Tennessee, lies the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Newcomers can choose from palatial estates, rustic single-family houses, or a variety of other designs. Short-term residents of this college town can purchase a home for interim use and subsequently rent it out to students from nearby universities once their temporary use is complete. Individuals planning for a permanent transition will appreciate that many homes sit on multiple acres of property, resulting in ample expansion opportunities.

The city of Bowling Green has made its national footprint for being the headquarters of Fruit of the Loom Inc. Other large employers include Western Kentucky University, Union Underwear Co., and the Medical Center at Bowling Green. Many citizens work in the Nashville metropolitan area, which is home to companies such as Captain D’s, Kirklands, and Vanguard Health Systems. While not headquartered in the area, many large banks and financial institutions employ residents from this region. For those who care to optimize their commute, rideshare and carpool programs are available in addition to local public transit. Additionally, many students use bikes to get around campus. Those who like to cycle recreationally will enjoy the city’s many bike trails.

There are many ways to gain exposure to the Southern charm, history, and culture of Bowling Green. If you’ve always dreamed of being up close and personal with a Corvette but never had the opportunity, the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green is the place to experience that fantasy. Showcasing 62 years of American dream machine history, this sports car wonderland has been around since the mid-90s and is located in close proximity to the Chevrolet Corvette Factory. If you’d rather see how people got around in Bowling Green before there were 205 mph speed machines, check out the city’s Historic RailPark & Train Museum. You will learn the history of the restored L&N Passenger Depot that was actually in use nearly a century ago and saved from demolition by local preservationists. This museum also offers a Halloween experience in October for those who want a scary trick to go with a historical treat. Those who are up for a cavernous adventure can participate in a tour at Bowling Green’s Lost River Cave. Leisure boat and adventurous crawling tours are available, and kids are always welcome. Don’t miss out on this Southern hub of business, education, and adventure. Browse local home listings today.