4,297 Homes For Sale in Cape Coral, FL

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Built on over 400 miles of canals, Cape Coral is a large city whose residential areas typically consist of pre-planned subdivisions containing single-family homes. Purchase a waterfront property near the ocean, or consider a home closer to the city center where the population is denser. In addition to the typical Florida population of retirees, younger families and aspiring professionals have recently flocked to Cape Coral, contributing to its vibrancy.

Cape Coral is located on a large peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico, halfway between Tampa and Miami, and not far from Fort Myers. Its giant canal system crisscrosses the entire city and provides transportation, sport and entertainment. Cape Coral boasts many venues including a public yacht club, several golf courses and shopping centers. To the west of Cape Coral, the Matlacha Pass National Wildlife Refuge and Aquatic Preserve offer extensive hiking and outdoor opportunities. The Caloosahatchee River offers an attractive beach and pier, which are perfect for swimming, fishing and walking. Beaches on the gulf of Mexico are also close by, featuring the added attraction of a varied wildlife and bird watching opportunities. Many residents own boats and yachts, and are fishing and sailing enthusiasts. If amusement parks are your jam, Cape Corla has more than 30, including the huge SunSplash Water Park. For those who like to spend some time indoors, Cape Coral boasts several museums and theaters, as well as a variety of indoor and outdoor festivals throughout the year.

The infrastructure in Cape Coral is robust and provides many employment opportunities. In addition, the real estate sector is highly active, with new developments constantly being built and purchased. Many people chose to purchase vacation homes there, and the tourist and service economies are booming. Its proximity to Fort Myers and other cities gives Cape Coral residents the option of expanding their employment options. Cape Coral operates a public school system consisting of several schools, in addition to the municipal charter system that provides an excellent education. Several colleges are located nearby, offering degrees in a variety of fields, from associate degrees and technical training, to doctoral programs. Cape Coral is a large city with the feel of a close, neighborly community, that offers a large array of educational and employment opportunities. It is a great place to settle down long-term, offering everything you need at each stage of your life. Whether you are seeking to develop yourself and progress in your career, or you feel that the time has arrived for you to just relax and enjoy life, Cape Coral is the perfect place to call home.