337 Homes For Sale in Decatur, GA

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Set within the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Decatur is a small suburb rich with history. "A city of homes, schools, and places of worship," is the city’s official motto, boasting a focus on family, education, and religion. Single family homes make up most of the available house market in the area, with plenty of greenery in the form of old oaks. Decatur strives to conserve its great historic and natural presence, while offering you a great place to live.

Decatur is home to a wide variety of ethnicities, ages, and lifestyles, but young to middle-aged couples and families make up most of the population. Residents enjoy life in thirty-six different neighborhoods, most of which are made up of single family homes or high-rise apartments. Throughout the 4 mile wide city, there are more than twenty historic locations to visit, including Downtown Decatur, ensuring that your future home will be in or near one. Biking and walking trails wind through the city, giving you a choice when it comes to getting to work or getting out.

With a little over 20,000 residents, Decatur generally has high home prices, some of the highest in Georgia and America. Most employment found in the city is for teachers, managers, sales associates, and office-related positions. Atlanta is just 6 miles away, making commuting a breeze for those who wish or need to work in the nearby city. For those who stay during the day, but don’t want to drive, Decatur has a widely used public transport bus and subway system. Because of this, smog and air pollution is reduced in the area, making it better for those who may not be healthy enough for the big city air. More than 70% of Decatur residents have at least a 4-year degree, making education an important factor. The area boasts top rated elementary, middle, and high schools, with charter and private schools available as well. Being an important location in the American Civil War, Decatur is home to a great deal of historic sights. When you’re done picnicking outside of the Decatur Historical Courthouse in downtown, you can see various unique shops within walking distance. When the sun goes down over the horizon, you can check out the nightlife in local bars and restaurants. If you want the historic taste of the south without the hustle and bustle of a big city, Decatur is a great place to call home.