604 Homes For Sale in Edmond, OK

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Making up a rather substantial portion of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, Edmond, Oklahoma lies just to the north of the state capital. Despite its proximity to this busy city, the homes currently offered for sale in this area are chiefly detached single-family homes, with a mid-range size, and lie in an affordable middle class range. This corner of suburbia features several different styles of houses, each with their own charms, and no two are exactly the same, giving buyers the opportunity to find a style that perfectly fits their needs.

Edmond, Oklahoma is home to many beautiful landscapes, but its chief natural landmark is Arcadia Lake, a place where fishermen and boaters from all over the metropolitan area gather for competitions or simple fun in the sun. The 26 miles of shoreline is host to several special annual events, and is also home to several parks which offer campsites, boat ramps, pavilions for rent, swimming, and jet-skiing opportunities for guests and nearby residents. Some of these parks are Scissortail Park, Sweet Creek Park and Edmond Park. This area allows residents a peaceful retreat into nature whenever they grow tired of the surrounding hustle and bustle of the metropolitan area, and plenty of opportunities to unwind while bonding with friends and family.

While the economy in Edmond, Oklahoma is rather diverse, offering opportunities for careers in the manufacturing, construction, and technology industries, its top employer is the Edmond Public School System, closely followed by the ever-growing University of Central Oklahoma. Thus the area desirable for educators and seekers of higher education alike, especially considering the short distance between Edmond and Oklahoma City, which contains several opportunities to enjoy nightlife, bars, and even more career choices. Edmond also sets itself apart in regards to sports interests by displaying an interest in rugby (which is not common in this region of the United States,) and hosts two rugby-related clubs: The Edmond Rugby Club and the University of Central Oklahoma Rugby Football Club, which organize the occasional scrimmage or match for members of the community who show interest. Though Edmond is part of a much larger, city-oriented environment, it manages to maintain a small-town charm, and is perfect for those looking for a home which is itself a sort of natural escape from the concrete surroundings of the nearby Oklahoma City. Teachers, students, parents, and singles alike can find a fresh new life here, and build a future for themselves in the great Oklahoma hills.