567 Homes For Sale in Fort Pierce, FL

  • Upgraded 3-Bedroom House In South Beach
    3 Beds2 Baths1,990 Sq. Ft.
    Fort Pierce, FL, 34949
    Joanne McCurdy
    McCurdy and Company Realty
  • Updated 3-Bedroom House In Lakewood Park
    3 Beds2 Baths1,506 Sq. Ft.
    Fort Pierce, FL, 34951
    Donna Cameron
    Home Free Today Realty
  • 6-Bedroom House In Georgia Terrace
    6 Beds5 Baths4,118 Sq. Ft.
    Fort Pierce, FL, 34950
    Shelly Parson
    Edgewater Property and Realty
  • House In South Beach
    3 Beds2 Baths1,867 Sq. Ft.
    Fort Pierce, FL, 34949
    Donna Benton
    Southern Castles
  • 1-Bedroom Condo In South Beach
    1 Bed1 Bath897 Sq. Ft.
    Fort Pierce, FL, 34949
    Linda Nelson
    Coldwell Banker Paradise
  • Lot In Indian River Estates
    0 Acres
    Fort Pierce, FL, 34982
    Anise McGarity
    A & D Realty
  • 1-Story House In Lakewood Park
    4 Beds3 Baths1,588 Sq. Ft.
    Fort Pierce, FL, 34951
    Paulette Gallo
    Lakewood Realty Company
  • 2-Bedroom House In Indian River Estates
    2 Beds2 Baths1,135 Sq. Ft.
    Fort Pierce, FL, 34982
    Colleen Barnes
    Security Real Estate Services
  • 1-Story House In Fort Pierce North
    3 Beds2 Baths1,374 Sq. Ft.
    Fort Pierce, FL, 34946
    Scott Weintraub
    Real Estate Agent
  • Remodeled 3-Bedroom House In Fort Pierce South
    3 Beds1 Bath1,393 Sq. Ft.
    Fort Pierce, FL, 34981
    Claudia Gonzalez
    Real Estate Agent
  • 2-Bedroom MOBILE In Spanish Lakes Fairways
    2 Beds2 Baths936 Sq. Ft.
    Fort Pierce, FL, 34951
    Rosie Manchester
    Real Estate Agent
  • 3-Bedroom House In Fort Pierce North
    3 Beds2 Baths816 Sq. Ft.
    Fort Pierce, FL, 34946
    Jordan Redar
  • 3-Story Condo In South Beach
    1 Bed1 Bath1,134 Sq. Ft.
    Fort Pierce, FL, 34949
    Albert Bernetti
    McCurdy and Company Realty
  • 1-Story House In Fort Pierce
    4 Beds3 Baths2,648 Sq. Ft.
    Fort Pierce, FL, 34945
    Mark Walters
    Mark Walters & Company
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Nearby Homes

Known to many as the "Sunrise City," Fort Pierce, Florida is nestled on the eastern coast of the United States, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The homes available here vary greatly in shape, size, and asking price, offering potential buyers ample opportunity to find the luxurious vacation home, single-family home, condo or apartment of their dreams. Regardless of the style or budget of the chosen home, each resident will share the same beautiful view of endless blue seas and clear skies.

This area is the sister city to San Francisco, California, the "Sunset City." As the mirror of its perhaps more well-known sibling, Fort Pierce, Florida has just as much to offer residents and visitors alike in the way of entertainment and attractions. Several of the more popular attractions center around the city’s strong appreciation of art and literature. The A.E. Backus Museum and Gallery, the Dust Tracks of Zora Neale Hurston, Heathcote Botanical Gardens, and the Sunrise Theater are all examples of some of the art-centered amusements that can be found within the city. Fort Pierce’s proximity to the ocean has also allowed several other unique attractions to take root, such as the Manatee Center, the Smithsonian Marine Ecosystem Exhibit and the St. Lucie County Marine Center.

While offering an almost bottomless supply of entertainment, Fort Pierce, Florida, also offers a well-maintained city for those who call the area home. In fact, in 2005, this city was awarded an award for overall excellence in city government, and in 2011 another award for the maintaining of its historical downtown area, which still contains many of its original structures, all in excellent condition. Fort Pierce has shown itself capable of preserving more than its historical value as well. Off the coast of this fantastic city lies the Experimental Oculina Research Reserve, an area of three hundred nautical miles that surrounds a reef of rare ivory bush coral. The city is also home to an unusually high manatee population, which not many other locations can boast of. The Manatee Observation and Education center actively educates residents and guests alike on the migration patterns and ecological impacts of the manatee populations in hopes of preserving the numbers of this mammal in the area through prevention and rescue efforts. Though Fort Pierce may seem like a rather large and busy city, the values promoted by the citizens and by the town itself form a peaceful atmosphere perfect for a family and the ecologically-minded.