912 Homes For Sale in Lafayette, LA

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Considered the heart of Cajun country, Lafayette, Louisiana is a bustling city filled with character. With its home appreciation steadily rising, now is a great time to choose from their wide selection of houses and neighborhoods. From its inner-city homes and condos with walkable streets and available amenities to its many suburbs with friendly people and large yards, Lafayette has the best of the best when it comes to housing prices and a generally low cost of living.

Whether you’re coming from your favorite French restaurant, French Press, or heading to the Cajun Field to watch the University of Lousiana’s football team duke it out in "The Swamp," you know you’re in Lafayette when you hear that unmistakable sound of the washboard playing on the street corner. Home of the best crawfish in the south, you’re guaranteed to get the most delicious blend of Cajun and French food that you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. City-dwellers come and go easily by taking advantage of the town’s intricate bus system and many bike paths. No matter where you lay down your roots in Lafayette, LA, you get the hip, unique atmosphere that everyone craves in the downtown portion of their city.

With one of the top music festivals in the country held in none other than Lafayette, you get the best of all things artsy in this one-of-a-kind town. Filled with many different subcultures and the friendliest people around, this quaint, yet energetic, city is the epitome of southern hospitality. You get the finest combination of both city and suburb living with its large availability of conveniences, including some of the highest rated restaurants in Louisiana. From its many different historical buildings and museums to its busy Carnival season filled with parades and entertainment, Lafayette has what it takes to keep things interesting. This city has created its exclusive combination of lively city life and slow-paced country living by giving some of the best people in the state a place to call home. Known for its sizable number of lakes, swamps and bayous throughout and around its city limits, you better bring your fishing pole when you come here to hang up your boots. Lafayette’s active outdoor life is made even sweeter by its generally mild winters and warm, humid summers. You might even spot your first gator when you embark on one of its many swamp tours. In this amazing city, you can get all of your shopping done in one big swoop at Acadiana Mall and then stop at one of its local markets on your way home to get everything you need for a downhome, Southern meal. In Lafayette, you can make the life you want, whether it be city or suburb, fast-paced or leisurely, and enjoy every second of doing so.