453 Homes For Sale in Plano, TX

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One of the great things about Texas is that you get a lot of space. If you’re the kind of person whose life just doesn’t fit in a little box on the third floor of some drab building, then you need to go where you can spread yourself out a little. Plano, Texas, is just the place for people who want a serious patch of land with a nice, stately house featured prominently among smooth lawns and well-placed trees. Several homes of this type are available in Plano right now at affordable prices.

CNN Money Magazine has put Plano on its list of the best places to live on several occasions, including 2005, 2006 and 2011. There are many reasons for this. One is that its combination of a high level of safety and highly rated public schools make it a great place to raise a family. Schools in Plano have boasted some of the highest test scores in the nation, the graduation rate is at a whopping 94 percent, and the number of students per teacher is surprisingly low – the average classroom has just 14 kids! Plano schools are a favorite of parents who want to be able to trust the school system to give their kids a proper education. Plano has also been listed as one of the wealthiest cities in the nation, with a six-figure median income for families.

In addition to being great for education, Plano also excels in parks and recreation. There are 250 acres of neighborhood parks, 600 acres of linear parks and over 1000 acres of community parks. That’s a lot of greenery for those who love a good stroll. One family favorite is the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, which features lovely wooded trails that are perfect for both pedestrians and bikers. Golfers will enjoy the Courses at Watters Creek, which feature an excellent variety in chAllenge levels. If you’ve got some little ones, they’re sure to enjoy the great options for fun and games like Kid Mania, WhirlyBall, Pinstack Bowl and CooCoos. Teens will relish the many movie theaters in town that showcase the latest and greatest of American cinema. Plano also features several fantastic shopping malls with a wide variety of merchandise. As can be expected from a city with a relatively wealthy population, it’s got something for everyone, and you can count on new things being added to this wealth of recreational options each year. Claim your space in Plano today!