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Located along the Atlantic coast in the southeastern region of the United States, South Carolina is bordered to the north by North Carolina, to the south and west by Georgia and to the east by the ocean. This is a great place to find rental homes along the beach or inland a bit if you need a larger piece of property.

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The coastline is divided into three parts. The Grand Strand, the Santee River Delta and the Sea Islands stretch along the shore, backed up by ancient dunes called the Sandhills. The Blue Ridge Mountains take up a small portion of the northwest corner of South Carolina while over on the east coast, estuaries and salt marshes heavily dot the landscape. Multiple bays create inlets for boating and fishing enthusiasts. In the Upstate region, you can find the roots of an ancient mountain chain almost lost completely due to erosion. This area is fairly hilly, but it contains a few areas suitable for farming. Sassafras Mountain is the highest point in the state. Located in the Blue Ridge Region, it's part of the southern Appalachian Mountains. Caesar's Head State Park is also located in this area. The Chattooga River runs along the border between South Carolina and Georgia and is a favorite whitewater rafting destination for thousands of people every year.