90 Homes For Sale in Tinley Park, IL

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Called the best placed to raise a family in America by BusinessWeek, Tinley Park, Illinois offers a perfect community right out of Chicago to live. The city hosts a wide array of different housing options. In the center of the city, there are many quaint smaller homes for families looking for a cozy lifestyle. The outside area of the city contains a large amount of larger single-family homes that have a more modern build and larger yards.

Because of its history dating back to the early European settlements, Tinley Park has strong historical ties that have been maintained in its downtown historic district. This part of town has maintained its historic construction and even new businesses match the older designs to create a stylized area. The city is proud of its locally owned, independent shops that support the vibrant community. Some of these shops include vintage furniture, sports, and floral shops owned by the locals. Within the downtown area is also a host of restaurants ranging from Italian food to Asian cuisine to match almost any taste. The downtown is not stuck in the past and has a train station, ample apartments and available commercial retail space.

Tinley Park was designated as such a family friendly city because of its many attractions and amenities that keep families happy. When you need to go to a large retail store, you do not need to travel outside of Tinley Park. Many major big box stores are conveniently located in the city. Regarding parks and recreation, the city has over 35 parks for those that love the outdoors. These parks have playgrounds, ample green lawns, and walking trails to enjoy the city. For young families with kids, there are multiple sports leagues that help children learn coordination and get exercise. If you love a good water park, Tinley Park has the White Water Canyon Water Park that is open throughout the summers. This water park has multiple slides, a lazy river, and large pools to get out of the heat. There are diverse ways to enjoy the city. For example, the city has supported the construction of a recreation center, a fitness center, and the Vogt Visual Arts Center. The arts center has a continuously changing display of local and well-known art to keep you interested throughout the year. Tinley Park is a historic city that supports and local and provides a great place to live for many families.