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High in the Rocky Mountains is cowboy country, also known as Wyoming. The least populous state in the country, Wyoming gives its inhabitants a true peaceful and wilderness setting. Living in Wyoming is an experience that combines nature and the lifestyle that goes along with the open range. Rustic log homes are popular in this state along with traditional country farmhouses.

Within this large state, there are many different clusters of population, however, visitors many find plenty of empty, open space. The most populated city and state capital, Cheyenne, is found in the southeastern corner of the state. Now a transportation hub, Cheyenne initially expanded with the arrival of the railroad in the 19th century. Today there is an historic downtown center along with groups of middle class and blue-collar neighborhoods populated with different styles of detached homes. Casper, in the center of the state, is situated along the Laramie Mountains. The city was born from the former site of Fort Caspar in the middle of the 1800s. Now, with a lifestyle that is heavily influenced by its mountain setting, people here reside in split-level homes or ranchers that offer scenic views. Laramie, not too far from Cheyenne, is a haven for lovers of winter sports like skiing, hunting, mountain biking and snowboarding. The University of Wyoming is located in this part of the state, and students and staff reside within its boundaries. Condominiums and duplexes are popular living choices in this area.

Despite its small population, Wyoming's economy is quite productive. The top sector in this state is tourism. Several important national parks are located here including Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park and Devils Tower National Monument. Mineral extraction is another strong industry in Wyoming. Wyoming's mineral resources consist of coal, natural gas, methane, oil, trona, diamonds and uranium. Agriculture, as well, makes an impact on Wyoming's economy with beef, hay and sugar beets processed here. Wyoming's unique and pristine location can be the perfect choice for individuals who crave space and a quiet lifestyle.

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