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September 3, 2015

Decorating Your Front Door for Fall

This morning the air was crisp and clean and you could almost smell the leaves falling. I think fall is knocking at the door – more specifically, the front door.

It’s time to round up the pumpkins, mums, corn stalks, leaves, pine cones and greenery for a little fall decorating. Need a little inspiration along with some falling leaves? Here’s some fun fall decorating ideas for the front door.

Reuse and re-purpose

Instead of a traditional door ideas, why not hang an piece of architectural salvage instead. You could layer in a wreath or add a painted piece to the door instead. Picture frames, embroidery hoops and even a silver platter make fun additions [...]

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September 2, 2015

Homes of the 2016 Presidential Candidates

How the Other Half Lives: Homes of the 2016 Presidential Front-Runners

Being in touch with the issues facing the rank and file is a common theme among politicians, especially when they’re trying to convince working families to cast votes in their favor for the job of U.S. President.

But for all their homespun folksiness and humble origin stories, some of our presidential candidates live in homes that suggest they’re far removed from the struggles confronting the average Jane or Joe. Still others maintain modest residences that make them seem less removed from the daily life of the average American voter. Let’s take a look at the homes of 2016’s crop of presidential hopefuls, [...]

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September 1, 2015

Football Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Football season has finally arrived, and it’s time to gather the neighbors and friends for a homegating party! Whether you’re headed to the game or just watching at home, we all need a few go-to delicious treats to serve to the party crowd. We often have our favorite dips and burgers from year to year but what do you make for the perfect dessert? These football cinnamon roll cookies are delicious as a breakfast for morning games or a dessert for all-day football watching!

Cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite treats! It’s like dessert for breakfast so I knew I had to come up with a football-ready version for the fall season. These are more of a cookie texture but still full [...]

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August 31, 2015

The 5 Surprising Cities That Ended Up Being Cool Places to Call Home

These “Sleeper” Cities Are Way Cooler Than You Might Think

“Coolness.” It’s a hard quality or condition to define, but we certainly know it when we see it. Some cities have longstanding reputations for being cool places to live. But for every New York, Seattle, or Austin, there’s a city that’s equally cool but not quite as popular as some of the better-known bastions of hipness. Let’s take a look at five cities whose under-the-radar coolness may come as a surprise.

1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Midwest might be better known for the modesty of its residents and the whiteness of its foods than for its hipness, but Minneapolis is as hip as cities come. The musical artist Prince [...]

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