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April 19, 2019

5 Things to Do When Moving Into a New Home

Moving into a new home comes with a list of a million things to do… but before you overwhelm yourself with the abundance of boxes to unpack, take a step back and create a game plan with the five things you need to prioritize once you get into your new home.

Tip #1: Paint

Painting is one of the least expensive ways to add your own personal touch to your home. Before I begin unpacking my decor, painting is my number one priority, as it’s easier without furniture or decor to maneuver around. If you are renting, ask your landlord permission to paint, even if it’s only an accent wall. The rentals we have lived in have been painted in bright vibrant colors, so [...]

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April 19, 2019

5 Spring Cleaning & Home Improvement Projects You’re Likely Forgetting

Completing a spring cleaning checklist gets your house in order before the rush of warm-weather activities. All homes have a short list of must-complete projects that can make your home a little more comfortable, but sometimes important tasks don’t make the list. These six projects are forgotten more often than not, but you’d be leaving money on the table if you left them out.

1. Clean Behind Your Appliances

The dark spaces behind your refrigerator, freezer, washer, and dryer can get neglected for years, but they’re just as important as any other nook in your home. All large appliances provide a safe haven for dust, pests, and hidden leaks, and you can’t be sure your kitchen [...]

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April 18, 2019

How to Refresh a Patio on a Budget

Now that spring has sprung, many homeowners are taking advantage of the warmer weather with some outdoor projects. If you own a patio or deck, you may be preparing it for parties and other fun, outdoor gatherings.

The truth with an outdoor space refresh is that it can be very costly. This is especially true if you are looking to remodel or repair some damage. However, if your home already has an outdoor patio, there are some cost-effective ways that you can “make it new.” Here are a few tips on how to refresh a patio without breaking the bank.

Clean Up Your Space

One of the easiest ways to refresh a patio or “make it new” is to thoroughly clean it. It’s easy for a patio [...]

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April 18, 2019

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren List Former Home in Beverly Hills

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren have listed their former home in Beverly Hills, CA. Put in an offer for this Spanish-styled home today, and live like a real celebrity!
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April 17, 2019

Bower Power Makes Chores Fun with Little Tikes

Most parents want their kids to grow up to be self-sufficient, helpful and responsible. I’ve yet to hear a mom say “Well, I hope when Sammy is 42, he lives up to two percent of his potential!” But, teaching kids to do chores is sometimes a daunting, overwhelming and, well…HUGE task. It’s a task that takes patience, consistency and so much creativity…..but I’m here to help! Using Little Tikes toys, I’m sharing tips for teaching kids to help around the house, and how us parents can help cultivate an attitude of JOY when it comes to chores.



One of the best tips for your kids, regardless of age, is to make a list. A [...]

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April 17, 2019

30 Minute Home Décor Projects: How to Tackle DIY in Under an Hour

If you don't have a lot of free time but want a better-looking home, find out what it takes to start and finish a small DIY project when the clock's ticking.
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April 16, 2019

In Miami, Drake’s Former Condo Gets a New Look and Listing

Miami condo owned by rapper Drake gets a major update before it hits the market. With an interior as dazzling as the view, you have to see this listing to believe it.
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April 15, 2019

Self-Employed Workers Catch a Break on Mortgages

The number of self-employed workers in the US range from 10 to 15 million, depending on definitions of self-employment. The Great Recession took its toll on self-employed workers, but over the past few years, self-employment has been on the rebound. Baby Boomers are leaving traditional jobs and putting their experience and skills to work as consultants. Traditional self-employment jobs like child-minding, caregiving, construction, and free-lance journalism are on the rise and a new generation of workers are adopting a “gig economy” approach to employment, working in different jobs as an independent contractor.

One source, a company in Herndon, VA that provides [...]

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April 15, 2019

Recovering from a Wildfire – Rebuilding in an Altered Landscape

If your home is exposed to fire damage and danger, learn about the risks and fire smart techniques you can use to protect your property against wildfires.
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April 12, 2019

6 Yard Hacks to Make Your Property More Attractive

Maintaining the outdoor space of a property can take effort and time, but can make your home as inviting as possible. Fortunately, yard hacks can quickly transform your place into an eye-catching spot. Without a total overhaul, you can amplify your property’s appearance and appeal to onlookers.

Beautifying an estate is possible with small changes and simple solutions — all it takes are strategic choices to upgrade a home’s curb appeal. Check out these six yard hacks to make your property more attractive.

1. Add a Walkway

To establish an enjoyable area on your grounds, incorporate scenic pathways around your landscaping. Walkways can entice visitors and give [...]

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April 11, 2019

DIY or Hire an Architect? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

The Quick Guide to Hiring an Architect Our Quiz Will Help You Decide: DIY or Hire an Architect?

Photo by Sergey Zolkin

You know how you go to a restaurant really hungry, order things that sound good, and then realize your eyes were bigger than your stomach? Sometimes, home renovation projects can be like that too. You hear yourself saying things like, “We just have to take down that wall and move that door frame – how hard can it be?” to the rescue! Take this to help you determine when a project gets big enough to call in professional back up. See what you think!

DIY or Hire an Architect?

Write down your answers – [...]

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April 11, 2019

How to Make a Dog Bed (or Window Seat) with Storage

The dimensions of a window seat will vary for everyone, but this well-loved nook could work for almost any awkward recess in a home, and makes a great dog bed. Here’s how Yellow Brick Home made a sweet little perch using a cabinet, fillers and paint!
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