6,907 Homes for Sale in Los Angeles, CA

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Los Angeles Home Trends

With towering mountain peaks, world-class beaches, and intense desert dryness, Los Angeles’ landscape is as diverse and eclectic at its attractions. The nation’s largest city behind the Big Apple, Los Angeles is a world-renowned entertainment mecca and a cultural hub. The city remains the nation’s leading artistic center, buzzing with creativity, innovation, and enterprise. Locals and visitors alike are always discovering something new in this matchless metropolis.

Architecture in LA reflects the city’s ever-evolving history and culture. From Victorian homes to Cape Cod style builds to decadent Tuscan houses, you’ll see a bit of everything in Los Angeles. The city is scattered with plenty of long-standing, historic homes available for present-day residents to visit. As the popularity of Los Angeles climbs, so do real estate prices. Average homes in the area range from $800,000 to nearly $900,000.

Los Angeles Attractions

This city is sprinkled near and far with exciting and unique attractions for residents of all ages. From the electrifying amusement park rides of Disneyland, Universal, and the Santa Monica Pier to the quiet galleries of the Broad and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, this massive metropolis has plenty to experience.

Take a scenic hike to the famous Hollywood Sign or stroll along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Catch a glimpse of the cosmos (or a stellar LA sunset) at the Griffith Observatory. Visit the California Science Center to peruse awe-inspiring exhibits including the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Delight in the world-class Los Angeles Philharmonic at the stunning Walt Disney Concert Hall. No matter your interests, Los Angeles attractions are sure to leave locals and visitors amazed and entertained.

Commuting in Los Angeles

It’s no secret that in this ever-growing city, traffic can be challenging. Los Angeles is a world city, meaning it operates as a hub for global economic systems and globalization in general. In many ways this offers residents ample perks. However, with a rapidly expanding population, Los Angeles is scrambling to accommodate their transportation systems. Luckily, Los Angeles is home to a huge and relatively affordable public transportation network. Those looking to avoid potential gridlock can choose from the city’s many light-rail, subway, and bus options stretching all over the metropolitan area. Constantly evolving transport options are making it more convenient for LA residents to get to work or explore vibrant city hot spots.

Since the city is nestled in a desert basin, the weather is often dreamy and idyllic. Most days boast sunshine and warm temperatures. This means residents can take advantage of rental bicycles, scooters, and the many walkable neighborhoods and districts. Millions of Los Angeles residents utilize major interstates like I-405, I-10, and I-101 to travel to, from, and around the city limits. The city is served by many airports, but most travelers will take advantage of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), a major travel hub for many airlines.