1,623 Homes for Sale in New Orleans, LA

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The most famous city in Louisiana is New Orleans. This is the largest city in the state, famous for its food, drink, sports and music. New Orleans straddles the Mississippi River and is just over 100 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico. Much of the surrounding area is made up of coastal marsh and swampland, giving Louisiana a very unique environment that’s home to unique wildlife. The second largest city and capital of the state is Baton Rouge, located on the eastern banks of the Mississippi. Baton Rouge is one of the largest inland port cities in the U.S. and is also home to Louisiana State University, a top employer in the region. While a large portion of the population inhabits the southern end of the state, Shreveport, the third largest city, can be found at the northwestern tip. Because of the state’s tax incentives, more and more production companies are filming shows and movies in the state, with Shreveport being one of the film industry hotbeds.

There is no shortage of activities for people living in Louisiana. The state is a mecca of Southern food, with traditional dishes and new-age concoctions being made from Lafayette to New Orleans to Alexandria. The rich, cultural history can be found in all corners of the state, with dozens of national parks and monuments. Alligator farms and swamp tours are available throughout the rural areas, while the famed French Quarter offers some of the best food and live music in all of the U.S.