Cozy Homes: Why You Should Love Your Small Space

by Alex ThatcherApril 19, 2017

Learning How to Believe Less Is More in Your Small Space

Whether you’re looking to downsize or you’re already living in a tight space, chances are you’ve grappled with the pros and cons of living in a small home. While it’s important to factor in your lifestyle needs, stage of life, and budget, the benefits of opting for a small home far outweigh many of the sacrifices. Read on to learn why you should love calling a small space home.
living in small spaces

Living Small Saves Time and Money

It would be foolish to disregard the obvious: smaller homes are less costly to heat and cool. If adhering to a strict budget is important for you, then choosing to rent or buy a smaller home makes sense. It’s simple math: fewer square feet to heat or cool results in lower monthly utilities costs.

Another practical benefit of living in a small space? Tinier homes are simpler to maintain. A complete clean sweep of a 750-square foot home takes less time, energy, and let’s face it, cleaning supplies, than a 2,000-square foot home requires. If time and energy are important to you, consider the practical cost and energy savings benefits that come with small homes.

Living in a Small Space Helps You Edit Out Non-Essentials

In a large home, it’s easy to let items accumulate over time. If you’ve ever experienced moving out of a home where you’ve lived for a duration of three years or longer, it’s amazing how much stuff you have once you start to pack everything into boxes!

But in small homes, the cozy size of your home limits you to the essentials, and in our eyes, that’s a good thing. With a small home, each purchase you make is intentional. If you can only have one couch, it’s easier to think critically about which loveseat might be “the one” as you fill your home with a carefully curated selection of goods and furnishings.
living in small spaces

A Cozy Home Is a Manageable Opportunity to Make Your Space Your Own

Victoria Sowell, a Bay Area blogger, believes that, “All too often, we treat living in small spaces like a transition, instead of a time in our life to be fully treasured.” But these cozy homes represent opportunities to take ownership of your home and to make it a space tied closely to you.

Sowell encourages those in small homes by saying, “Don’t wait to hang photographs, paint the walls a cheery color, or set out an adorable welcome mat. Unpacking your little knick-knacks from places you’ve traveled, and hanging some artwork above the couch will immediately gave you some ownership and connection to your space.”

Small Homes Become Less About Stuff, More About People

The most important advantage of living in a small space goes beyond practical benefits or cost savings – it’s about the way small homes encourage a meaningful lifestyle. Your cozy home is a sanctuary that holds the memories and moments that truly give your life meaning, whether that’s a significant meal shared with friends, or a home detail carried back from an overseas adventure. Next time you get lost in a Pinterest vortex of expansive homes and vaulted ceilings, be sure to cherish the little things, too.
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