The most obvious attraction to anyone living in or visiting Buford, Georgia, is its proximity to Lake Lanier, which is the state's largest water feature and was actually created in 1956 with the completion of the Buford Dam. Dozens of campsites dot the lake's coast, allowing guests and residents alike a space in which to reconnect with nature and to catch some sun while bonding with the family or friends that accompany them. The city is also host to many other natural attractions, such as seven miles of walking trails and Bogan Park, which features several baseball fields, playgrounds, and an aquatics center. With so many options, any outdoorsman in Buford will never have to worry about running out of adventures to embark upon.

Nestled on the southern bank of Lake Lanier and only an hour from the capital city of Atlanta, Buford, Georgia, is a city perfect for those who wish to balance work and play in their lives. Many of the homes in the area are large vacation homes or high-end condos, but the city is also host to reasonably-priced apartments and single-family homes for those on a tighter budget or who like to enjoy the more simple things in life.

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