Homes in Duluth are well priced for the region; the city's proximity to Atlanta and its booming transportation and manufacturing economy make it a promising region for growth, while its traditional feel and down-home living make it a lovely place to put down roots. Downtown Duluth is a bustling small town center, complete with sidewalks connecting the residents from the fountain at the city's center to the myriad shops and venues that cater to every whim. Ten miles squared and only 26,000 residents means that Duluth manages to capture the feel of a small town while still maintaining all the conveniences and necessities for modern living. Excellent schools make family life here ideal, and family fun in the form of festivals and town gatherings bring the community together. For singles and couples, Duluth offers pubs and restaurants that rival those in Atlanta.

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Ranked 26th by Forbes on America's Best Places to Move list in 2009, Duluth, Georgia, has much to offer its residents. A scant 20 miles from downtown Atlanta, you can find a timeless mix of classic Georgian homes, modern townhomes and condos, and all the amenities required for singles, couples, and families. Nestled at the southern tip of the Appalachian Mountains in north-central Georgia, the city has a Southern feel that's impossible to ignore.

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