Founded in 1823 as "Leaksville," this tiny 2.6-square-mile city has played a surprisingly large role in U.S. history. Industrialization found its way via the Macon and Western Railroad, which was built in 1846. The town changed its name to "Jonesborough" to honor Samuel G. Jones, a railroad official and civil engineer who was essential in building the tracks between Macon and Atlanta, GA and other areas throughout the south. Civil War historians will attest to the importance Jonesborough played in ending the nation's divisive battle. Union Major General William T. Sherman fought his way south through Georgia and defeated the confederate soldiers at the Battle of Jonesborough. After taking Jonesborough, Atlanta surrendered in September of 1864, and the Confederacy followed suit in 1865.

Jonesboro, GA oozes Southern charm. Whether homebuyers want to purchase a plantation-style dwelling or more of a small-town cabin hideaway, they'll find what they are looking for in this tiny oasis just 17 miles from Atlanta. Although many of the homes have an old-fashioned appeal, they are newer dwellings, built in the 1970s or later. Accompanying the properties is plenty of green space and wooded yards; buyers won't be at a loss for shade to keep their property cool on warm summer days.

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