The city of Lansing, Michigan is generally thought of as being divided into four distinct districts: the Northwestside, the Eastside, the Westside, and the Southside. The Northwestside, home to the Capital Region International Airport, takes up the smallest amount of land in the city, but nevertheless plays host to residential and green areas as well as warehouse and industrial areas. The Eastside is the most ethnically diverse region, with foreign-born residents making up the largest percentage of any other section. The Grand River goes through Lansing's Westside, which includes downtown as well as a number of residential neighborhoods. In terms of the largest population, the Southside is at the top, with a large number of neighborhoods for people seeking living slightly more removed from the big city lifestyle.

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Lansing, Michigan is a great place to buy a home whether you are seeking an urban or suburban lifestyle. With a population of just over 114,000, there's no shortage of houses, apartments, and condos. There has typically been a stark divide between the larger residential homes on the outer portions of the city and the working-class apartments as you get toward the government and industrial buildings. In recent years, however, there has been a focused effort on building higher-end apartments and condominiums.

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