Plainfield is considered the oldest community in Will County, Illinois. While originally land belonging to Potawatomi Indians, it was first called Walker's Grove, then changed to Plainfield in 1841. Being situated on the DuPage River meant easy trade in lumber and commodities, which helped the community to grow rapidly. Today roughly 40,000 people call the area home. Its location just 35 miles from Chicago offers easy access to a world-class city, but Plainfield takes pride in its local blend of history and a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly downtown designed to bring folks together. A young majority-the median age is just 32!-are bringing ecological awareness to town stewardship; many of its new development projects have taken place under the "Green Village" umbrella, which promotes sustainable practices.

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The first thing you're likely to notice about the Plainfield, Illinois, housing market is the abundance of foreclosed properties available. The town's rapid growth over the past few decades has contracted a bit, and new roots are taking hold. That makes Plainfield a place with deep history that may be the perfect setting for your fresh start. Take a look at the mix of old and new, landlocked and riverfront properties, and see what suits your taste; it has a lot to offer.

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