Spring Lake's downtown area is a record of the past, with historically significant buildings that are being restored in an effort to preserve their architectural and historical significance. Not including the military area, Spring Lake is divided into five neighborhoods: Twin Lakes, Anderson Creek, Hairtown, the downtown town center, and Manchester. These neighborhoods are mostly rural, with a very diverse population in terms of ethnicity, age, and economic standing, which makes for eclectic and unique communities. The exceptions are the neighborhoods of Anderson Creek and Twin Lakes, which are fairly newer communities that feature larger and more current homes that were built within the past ten years.

Spring Lake is a small town in North Carolina, with less than 15,000 residents located within 23 square miles. Nearby Fort Bragg and Pope Field Air Force Base have contributed to the growth in this area, with many residents in Spring Lake employed by US Air Force and the Army. Spring Lake is a working-class town, with many affordable and family-friendly areas for people looking to settle down and raise a family in a quiet place.

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