1 Condos For Sale in Allentown, PA

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The city of Allentown, Pennsylvania, is a great place to live if you’re considering moving to a metropolitan area in the historic northeastern United States. As currently the third most populous and fastest-growing city in the state, Allentown has a vast variety of living options available. With a median real estate price of $95,100, chances are you’ll be able to afford anything from a quaint townhouse to a house with a brick front on a grassy lot.

If you want to be in the middle of the Allentown’s major happenings, Center City is the place to be with its melding of government centers, business district, retail shops and residential corridor. The East Side of the city is where a large portion of citizens live, including "The Wards," one of the older living districts in the area, along with a multitude of other neighborhoods. To the south of Center City are the South Side neighborhoods for more citizens who live and work in the area. If you are going to bring a family with you or are planning on starting one in the near future, you best bet is the West End sector of the city, with its numerous cultural and commercial centers as well as plenty of residences designed with single families in mind.

While the economy of Allentown has long been based in manufacturing, recent years have seen a shift away from this and movement instead toward a service-based economy. Air Products & Chemicals and PPL are two of the largest companies to be headquartered here, while the largest single employer is the Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network. Nearly half of citizens work in the sector of sales, administrative support and office work, with production and transportation not far behind. It is a period of exciting growth and change in Allentown. Act now to be a part of it at an affordable price.