428 Homes For Sale in Auburn, AL

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Auburn, Alabama has an interesting mixture of homes for sale. Because it is indeed a college town, there are many affordable options on the market, some of the older homes costing even lower than $100,000. Many such opportunities come in the form of apartments or condos. However, because this area is also so popular and desirable, it has several larger homes which cost far more, some even upwards of $500,000. These are more modern buildings with much more space for a growing family.

The city was ranked among the 10 best places to live by U.S. News in recent years, and for good reason. Auburn University, one of the largest schools in the southeast, is located here, and keeps the local economy supplied with a steady flow of not only students, but also sports fans who come from far and wide to view events at the school’s stadium. The university itself is Auburn, Alabama’s largest employer, which currently claims over 8,500 individuals as employees. There is also a sizable business field for high-tech parts manufacturing as well as research firms that exist thanks to the interest in these subjects that the school creates. There are also plenty of job opportunities at the nearby Kia Motors and Hyundai manufacturing plants.

Perhaps one of the most obvious entertainment opportunities in the area is the easy access to the university’s stadium for college football games. Auburn University hosts several games each and every year. Thanks to the ease of purchasing tickets, locals are much more likely to have the opportunity to view these events than those who come from out of town. There are endless unique places where residents and guests alike can visit to enjoy the flavors of the area, such as the Arigato sushi bar, ACRE, and the Amsterdam Café, each promoting different dishes which are popular among students and locals alike. For those who look forward to shopping experiences which the area has to offer, they may rest assured that Auburn, Alabama is home to several unique shops. Behind the Glass, Therapy and Ellie are all popular clothing stores in the area, while the nearby university ensures a steady stream of art supply shops and book stores of all varieties. This versatile environment can help ensure that everyone feels at home in this cozy college town.