1,445 Homes For Sale in Bakersfield, CA

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Located north of Los Angeles in Kern County, Bakersfield is the 9th largest city in California with a population of approximately 350,000. While the city is commonly considered part of Southern California due to its proximity to L.A., many view it as part of the Central region because it is close to Kings and Tulare counties. In addition, Bakersfield is a central location for oil production and agriculture, ranking fourth in the nation for production. The city has experienced substantial growth over the past few decades, and housing and development have been a prominent focus in the region. Therefore, there are a number of new neighborhoods with single-family homes.

While there is evidence that the region was inhabited by Native Americans thousands of years ago, Bakersfield was officially founded by Thomas Baker in 1863 and was originally a stopover for travelers. By 1870, the population had grown to 600 establishing the region. However, it wasn’t until the last few decades that the city began to boom, and the region grew 400% between 1970 and 2010 going from a population of 70,000 to 347,483. This growth led to a major boom in the real estate market. While this has subsided some in recent years due to the recession, it is still highly ranked as one of the best places to invest in real estate. Bakersfield’s economy has been historically based in agriculture and oil. However, there are a number of additional growing industries including manufacturing and distribution.

Bakersfield is part of the Kern County school district, the biggest high school district in California, and there are 15 schools located in the city. In addition, there are 3 private high schools including Bakersfield Adventist Academy, Bakersfield Christian High School and Garces Memorial High School. The City is also home to California State University Bakersfield and Bakersfield College in addition to a variety of private colleges and universities. Bakersfield is the location for 3 minor league sports teams, which provide excellent entertainment for sports fans. There are also a number of music venues and movie theaters that attract residents in their free time. Bakersfield is located in a desert climate, which results in long dry and hot summers with an average of 108 days over 90 degrees between the months of April and October. In contrast, the city experiences mild winter days with cool nights. While there can be some frost, snow is extraordinarily rare, but thick fog can be a common occurrence. Bakersfield climate is ideal for supporting the growth of a variety of crops. The region offers a number of benefits along with a vast selection of housing.