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    Bradenton, a city of more than 50,000 residents on Florida’s West Coast, has an abundance of options when it comes to housing. The majority of homes on the market were built in the last 20 to 25 years and are quite modern. Most of the available single-family homes total around 1500 to 2000 square feet and have at least three bedrooms. There are some condominiums in Bradenton, as well as a few manufactured homes and apartments.

    Bradenton was established in the 1840s and incorporated in the early 1900s. Many of the buildings in the downtown area stem from the 1930s, as you can see from the architecture. The western side of the city is the beach side, and there is also a golf course with a surrounding neighborhood. The eastern area of the city is where you are more likely to find newer construction, but throughout Bradenton, you can find single family homes, duplexes and condos. The Village of the Arts, just south of downtown, is a charming historic area which has been rezoned to support a live/work community of artists, craftspeople and other small-business owners. Several well-maintained historic properties are still standing in Bradenton, 194 of which are located in the Braden Castle Park Historic District.

    Tropicana Products, a company well known for its fruit juice products, was headquartered in Bradenton from the 1950s until 2003. Although the company headquarters have moved to Illinois, Bradenton is still the home of Tropicana’s juice production facilities. The juice giant employs several thousand workers and is the largest fruit-buyer in Florida. Bealls Department Store had its beginning in Bradenton in 1915 and is still headquartered there. Today, there are at least 500 Bealls locations in the United States, operating under the names Bealls and Bunulu. Another major employer in Bradenton is Champs Sports, a subsidiary of Foot Locker. Champs is headquartered in West Bradenton.