16 New Homes For Sale in Chicago, IL

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The Windy City, or Chi-Town, as its often referred to, is not only the largest city in Illinois but also the third most populous urban area in the United States. Considered an international epicenter of finance, industry, research, culture, technology, and transportation, Chicago has a world of opportunities, and housing styles, to offer residents. Whether you’re in search of a snug townhome with all the conveniences, or a lofty condominium overlooking the famous cityscape, Chicago is truly the best of the Midwest.

Beyond the Chicago Loop, the well-known major business district, Chicago is best described as a city organized by its neighborhoods, of which there are over 200, encompassed within approximately 77 distinctive communities. Other major sections of the city, besides the Loop, are the North, the South, and the West Sides. While the North Side is characterized by a dense residential population and many waterfront high-rise buildings, the South Side is the largest portion of the city, engulfing more than half of Chicago. The Port of Chicago and the University of Chicago are just two of the hallmarks of the South Side. Visitors and residents alike recognize Western Avenue as the longest urban roadway in the world, while other street landmarks include North State Street, Clark, and Belmont Avenue.

Because of its highly diversified tiers of industry, Chicago is considered one of the most balanced economies in the nation and is one of the most vital centers of finance and business in the world. It contains the second largest central business district on the planet, and holds the third largest pool of employees in the United States. Overall, the largest employers in the city and metropolitan areas are the US Government, the City of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools, Cook County, Advocate Health System, and JPMorgan Chase. Retail, manufacturing, printing, publishing, food processing, education, and trade are just a few of the important employing sectors in the city.