701 Homes For Sale in Delray Beach, FL

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With 3 miles of beachfront access, Delray Beach, Florida, offers prospective homeowners a fun and vibrant life by the sea. This area is host to several different types of homes. Lazy beach bungalows give way to cozy single-family homes, which in turn transform into luxurious whitewashed vacations homes, as well as a large assortment of condos and apartments that service both seasonal and permanent residents of the city. Homes here have the potential to be pricey, but the money also provides for the endless entertainment to be found in Delray Beach.

Directly in the center of Florida’s Gold Coast region, this city is the perfect place for those who love to find new adventures as well as those who merely want to relax and enjoy the warm climate and sandy beach. For those who take up permanent residence in the area, Delray Beach, Florida is home to several career opportunities as well as endless enjoyment. The city offers a variety of retail stores, nightclubs and restaurants which not only serve to amuse tourists, but which also provide employment for the 65,000 people who call the area home. The economy of the area depends largely on such attractions, and various other popular tourist-based activities throughout the city.

Some of the most popular attractions in Delray Beach, Florida, include outdoor activities. Needless to say, the two miles of public beach access draws hundreds of guests to the city each and every year. Despite its size, the city contains several other charming natural attractions for residents and tourists alike. The Bexley Trail Community Park provides guests with plenty of space to run and play, and trails that allow them to discover the nature surrounding their home. The 505 Teen Center and Skate Park gives younger generations a place to meet others, and a place to practice skateboarding in a safe environment with proper equipment. Residents may also enjoy visiting the Delray Beach Golf Club or the Lakeview Golf Course in order to keep their arm in shape, or perhaps the Tennis Center Stadium. For those who are fans of art and culture, Delray Beach is also host to several art-related attractions such as the Art Garage or the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum. With fun, sun and countless opportunities for employment and enjoyment, Delray Beach has a niche for everyone. Discover your place in this vibrant city and discover your dream home by the sea.