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The city of Grand Rapids, Michigan has a long history of commerce, trade, and business, and is nicknamed "Furniture City" because it is home to many furniture-manufacturing companies. Situated about 30 miles east of Lake Michigan and positioned on the Grand River, Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan. It is also home to many attractive suburban areas such as Heritage Hills, Eastown, Belknap Lookout, and Garfield Park, that feature affordable homes in walkable neighborhoods, ranging from single-family residences to sprawling vintage Victorian manses.

The neighborhood of Heritage Hills, founded in 1848, is known for being the largest urban historic district in the U.S. and the oldest residential district in the state. The local Heritage Hills Association works tirelessly to preserve the historic homes and lots in this area, which is mixed with apartments, multi-family residences, and single-family homes. The Heritage Hill neighborhood showcases many different styles of American architecture, including two homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and its proximity to downtown Grand Rapids makes the location very desirable.

As evidenced with Heritage Hills, Grand Rapids is home to people that care about their community. The neighborhood of Garfield Park continues that tradition with their active Garfield Park Neighborhoods Association, which frequently hosts fundraisers and arts and crafts fairs, and focuses on getting residents get involved in caring for their community. Positioned on the eastside of Grand Rapids, Eastown is considered to be a bit of a bohemian oasis in the middle of Grand Rapids, and it is notable for its walkability, local culture, and small-town feel, even while it is located in the midst of a big city. Another noteworthy community is The Belknap Lookout neighborhood, which features plenty of green space, historic homes, and unbelievable views of the city skyline. Overall, Grand Rapids also has a crime rate that is well below the national average, making it a family-friendly atmosphere to live, work, and play. Grand Rapids is a place with a personality all its own that is just waiting to be discovered. Browse our listings for Grand Rapids today and find the home and neighborhood of your dreams.