54 Condos For Sale in Homestead, FL

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The city of Homestead, Florida, is as old as it sounds. Tucked in between Miami and Key Largo, it grew up as a suburb with the help of the railway in the early 1900’s. The city offers new homes as well as old ones, single family ranch-style as well as condos, bungalows as well as historical icons. Homestead reaches across cultural, ethnical, and language divides to offer a diverse and eclectic suburban lifestyle.

Despite the age of the settlement, a vast majority of the homes in Homestead are newer construction. A recent population boom has increased the availability of housing on every end of the spectrum, while allowing the history of the town to flourish. Townhomes and condos can be found in Venetia Groves and Fiji, while the gated communities of Portofino Bay and Keys Gate offer quiet, style, and recreation. Neighborhoods with a family focus can be found mixed throughout. Miami and all of its amenities are only a short drive away from Homestead, making it an ideal location to raise a family or settle into your career. Good schools coupled with a short drive to nightlife and professional opportunities mean that this city is prime for every walk of life, whether you’re raising a family or raising your career.

A significant portion of those residing in Homestead work in clerical positions, maintenance, or sales jobs, and many of those commute to Miami. The Miami area plays host to thousands of corporations and companies, and those employment opportunities are a boon to the residents of Homestead. Top employers in Miami-Dade County include local government organizations, as well as private corporations like Publix, Baptist Health, the University of Florida, and American Airlines. Aerospace, healthcare and technology top the lists of the biggest private companies in Florida and near Homestead, and the opportunities presented there and in other industries are expansive.