714 Condos For Sale in Honolulu, HI

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The city of Honolulu is at once a vacation haven and a bustling center of business. The main gateway in and out of the Hawaiian Islands, the city works as a transportation hub, a finance and trading hub, and a tourist destination. Homes available in the city range from condos to single family homes, from economical options to opulent ones.

Every neighborhood in Honolulu has its own feel. Pearl City gives you the feel of the natural beauty of the island, without the stress and pace of the big city. East Oahu does the same, but with a focus on family and small town living. Families will also find what they’re seeking in Kaimuki, with its proximity to excellent shopping and restaurants and hometown feel. Those looking for a little more luxury will enjoy Leeward Oahu nestled in the lee of the island’s mountains. True affluence can be found in the exclusive communities in Kapolei. Each of these areas boasts good schools, low crime, and the best amenities. Condos will be accompanied by the sort of high end conveniences you’d expect, like gyms, social centers, and rooftop terraces, while single family homes will often reside in neighborhoods with pools, civic centers, and security.

Employment opportunities in Honolulu will pivot around healthcare, transportation, and tourism, as you might expect. Other notable industries include finance, education, and local government organizations. Those seeking to make a living in Honolulu will find that the tourism economy and solid residential base make for plentiful and steady employment. In addition, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Honolulu, and those looking to make it on their own can find the support to do so in the islands. If you’re looking for a job you love, know that studies show that a higher-than-usual number of employees in Hawaii are happy and content at work, so be prepared to enjoy even work in Honolulu.