296 New Homes For Sale in Houston, TX

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The most populous city in Texas and the fourth most populated in the United States, Houston has quite a few claims to fame under its belt buckle, not to mention being the largest city in the southern United States by square miles. Likewise, the homes of Houston residents are as diverse as its many accolades. Whether it’s a 1000-square-foot starter bungalow that you’re in search of, or a 6000-square-foot plus Texas-style mansion, Houston represents a smorgasbord of the best housing in the state.

The city of Houston is geographically organized by several different landmarks, including its 11 space-oriented Houston City Council wards, multiple residential and commercial districts such as Uptown, Midtown, Greenway Plaza, and Westchase, and the Interstate 610 loop. Recently, densely populated residential areas have quickly developed within the core loop area, while outside the loop lie the suburbs and less populated areas of metropolitan Houston. The many communities that make up the city are characterized alternatively by classic Texas sprawl or a chic urban aesthetic. This multicultural and multi-layered city is also structured by the four bayous that run through the area, Buffalo, White Oak, Brays, and Sims Bayou. The neighborhoods that flow in between these waterways enjoy views of both the beautiful cityscape and the water.

‘Space City’, as Houston has come to be called, is well known for being an industrial hub of energy, manufacturing, aeronautics, and transportation. Worldwide, Houston is known for its reputation as a leader in the oil and natural gas industry, though interest in the economically viable alternative energy businesses is growing rapidly. But beyond these scientific endeavors, it is a locale also known for its mass global appeal, and Houston also enjoys a wealth of employment opportunities in education, health, and biomedical research, professional and business services, international trade associations, and arts and culture amenities. Houston truly has something for everyone.