20 Condos For Sale in Jacksonville, FL

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Jacksonville, the biggest city by population in the great state of Florida, boasts a rich history, a diverse culture, and a lovely climate. Homes there range from historical icons to economical bungalows to family ranch-style new construction and more. You can find your ideal on the beach or in one of the more than 500 neighborhoods that make up the city’s residential offerings.

Jacksonville is historically divided into six regions - Northside, Westside, Downtown, Southside, and Arlington, as well as the Jacksonville Beaches. Downtown Jacksonville, comprised of four separate regions itself, enjoys a robust lot of historical architecture side by side with modern high-rises. Northside, however, retains large sections of undeveloped land and few neighborhoods. Westside grants its residents with family and recreation spaces and close knit communities, while Southside, also known as San Marco, features parks, a neighborhood commercial center, and a long history dating back to before the Civil War. Arlington’s history marks it as one of the first areas to be populated by the pioneers, and it’s now one of the fastest growing parts of the city. The Beaches of Jacksonville, five Atlantic coast communities on an unnamed barrier island, carry with them the laid-back feel of island living with only a quick jump to the amenities of Downtown.

A port city with long history, a solid transportation grid, and a big population, Jacksonville’s economy supports a vast range of employment opportunities. It’s home to three Fortune 500 companies – Fidelity National Financial, CSX, and FIS, and houses many more corporate headquarters and satellite offices. Its top employers flourish in industries from aerospace to technology to healthcare to logistics. CSX is a real estate and railway company, among other things, and has a number of subsidiaries and employs more than 2,000 people in the Jacksonville headquarters. It’s presence there is one of the contributing factors to making Jacksonville "America’s Logistics Center."