193 Homes For Sale in Kennesaw, GA

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Boasting the booming convenience of the Atlanta metropolitan area and a rich history steeped in the railroad, Kennesaw, Georgia, abounds in large living spaces interspersed with lush parks and new shopping centers. Spacious, suburban homes in subdivisions meet multi-level constructions in the dozens of neighborhoods that make up the family-friendly locale. The area is peppered with modern Southern mansions: gorgeous, full-featured homes reminiscent of the stunning decadence of the South. And it’s all just 25 miles from Atlanta.

Listed in both the Top 10 Best Towns for Families and Top 25 American Cities and Towns by Family Circle and Newsmax respectively, Kennesaw is quintessentially evocative of the best of the USA, offering a little bit of everything to its residents and visitors. Historians and railroad fiends will love the offerings at the downtown Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, and those who enjoy nothing more than some good retail therapy will enjoy Town Center at Cobb, the region’s expansive and bustling mall. Smartphone users will enjoy the wireless internet that has been made public access in some of the Kennesaw city parks. Parents will find a range of educational options for the kids within the Cobb County School District, including five elementary schools, five middle schools, and four high schools as well as Sunbrook Academy in the private sector.

Kennesaw State University, a well-known public co-ed grouping of colleges in the city, attracts an abundance of young people to the area each year to fill its student body of 33,000. Home to about 30,000 people itself, Kennesaw is thriving along with the rest of the Atlanta metro area, which is enjoying a major long-term growth spurt of residents, business and economy, and culture. Due to its proximity to Atlanta (known by some as the ‘capital’ of the Southeastern United States), many Kennesaw residents choose to work in the city of Atlanta but live, play, dine, go to school and shop in the town that they call home. If you don’t mind some humidity during the year, the climate is enjoyable, with mild winters and hot summers – air conditioning, of course, is fairly standard in warm Southern states like Georgia. Whether you’re a born-and-bred Southerner, or you want to check out the Georgian way of life, Kennesaw is a great home base. Check out the home listings for this suburban epicenter of metro Atlanta; it’s where your dream home may be waiting.