124 Condos For Sale in Louisville, KY

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Louisville, Kentucky, perhaps better known as the ‘Gateway to the South’, is a hub of industry and culture as well as one of the oldest cities west of the Appalachian Mountains. Whether they are part of a high-rise residential building in the heart of downtown or a quieter bedroom community on the outskirts of Louisville, condominiums are one of the most popular housing options. They run the gamut from one-bedroom apartments to spacious structures with three or four bedrooms.

Louisville is home to a great many different neighborhoods and communities. A large number of these have been recently updated and revitalized, which is part of why Louisville is on the rise, commercially and residentially. Just south of the Ohio River is the downtown business district city of the city. However, most of the residential sections of Louisville are south, east, and southwest of this area, while many of the industrial segments of the city are to the south and west of the airport. The most affluent residences in Louisville tend to be clustered in the East End of the city, while more modest homes are found more often in the West End. In the South End, it is common to find residences that are attractive to those with middle-of-the-road budgets.

The shipping and cargo industry is one of the staples of the Louisville economy, along with retail and commerce, healthcare and medical sciences, manufacturing and production, beverages, tobacco, business and professional services, government, and education. Some of the companies and institutions that Louisville is known for are the Belknap Hardware and Manufacturing Company, the University of Louisville, Worldport, a global air-freight hub, the Louisville International Airport, Humana, Brown-Forman, and Heaven Hill. The American whiskey industry is very reliant on the city of Louisville, which produces about one-third of the bourbon in the US. Louisville is also known for its saturation with small businesses and unique independent restaurants.