529 Homes For Sale in Melbourne, FL

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Many homebuyers are attracted to the beauty and excitement of Melbourne, Florida. This is a great city with close access to the beach and other enjoyable amenities. In 2009, Forbes said that Melbourne was best metro in Florida for affording a home. You will enjoy sunny weather and favorable home prices. There are over 1,000 homes for sale in this area, including foreclosures. Many of the available homes have multiple bedrooms and lots of space. This is a great opportunity to live in a good community with favorable schools and a lot of things to do.

Melbourne is home to the Melbourne International Airport, making it a great location for business travelers or aerospace and defense workers. There are nearly 40,000 workers in the area, and companies like GE and Northrop Grumman are top employers. In addition to the many jobs available to the people of Melbourne, the area is also known for its public safety. There are over 150 police officers that support the city. Melbourne is also home to four hospitals that provide urgent care services, hospice, day care to senior citizens, and emergency walk-in help. The majority of Melbourne houses have small families; however, there are residents that are retired. English is the dominant language of the region, but there is also a lot of diversity in the area.

Tourists and local residents love the recreational activities that are available in Melbourne. People frequently visit Melbourne beach to cool off and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. You can also take an airboat out on the water for even more fun. The city is home to two golf courses, which are popular among senior citizens, businessmen, and other residents. Golf is a revenue generator for the area, with nearly 100,00 rounds played during 2009 and 2010. This represents $2,207,502 in revenue. For this reason, the city raised the rates for nonresidents and it hosts a monthly Friday Festival. Melbourne has an amazing flea and farmers market. This is a popular Destination for both visitors to the area and long time residents. It is a great place to experience culture and enjoy some amazing food. There is also a zoo in Melbourne that many travelers like to visit. For fun shopping, people like to visit two of the areas business districts. Downtown Eau Gallie Arts District and the Historic Downtown Melbourne both offer exciting shops, places to eat, and fun things to do. With all of these activities, the 38,955 households in the area have an easy time staying busy. These cultural events and activities also attract thousands of tourists each year.