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Located in the far west of the Florida panhandle, Pensacola runs along the white sand beaches of Escambia and Pensacola bays. The area contains a number of homes listed on the National Registry of Historic Places but also a sprinkling of modern structures that can only be described as futuristic in their styling. As might be expected in an area so near the blue-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico, several of Pensacola’s beach homes are valued in the millions of dollars. Head just a little ways inland, however, and you’ll find many reasonably priced homes are available to buyers who wish to make this beautiful and historic town their home.

Pensacola’s long history, its proximity to the Gulf and its status as home to the first US Navy air station in the country still influence the town’s economy and lifestyle today. Tourism is a major draw to the area, as visitors come to enjoy the long beaches and the many hotels, shops and restaurants of the seaside section of town. Tourists also comes to Pensacola to view the many museums and historical sites that document the area’s rich past. Archeological excavation has uncovered evidence that the area was occupied by indigenous people with an advanced culture prior to European settlement. Later, as a territory controlled at different times by five rulers, including the Spanish, French, British, Confederate and United States governments, Pensacola earned the name of "The City of Five Flags."

Another of Pensacola’s nicknames is "The Cradle of Naval Aviation." The area is home to Naval Air Station Pensacola, the first air base commissioned by the US navy, in 1914, and the training ground for such famous astronauts as John Glenn and Neil Armstrong. Some of the best pilots in world call Pensacola home, as the Navy’s Blue Angels demonstration squad is stationed at the base. As a result of its aviation heritage, several aerospace and defense industry companies have made Pensacola home, and both are major employers in the area. At 52,000 people, Pensacola has a modest-sized population, but when surrounding areas are added in, the number is closer to a half-million residents. Six hospitals and an international airport service the greater metropolitan area, ensuring that along with beautiful beaches and a mild climate to enjoy, Pensacola’s residents have access to advanced healthcare and to convenient travel, proving that you don’t have to move to a secluded island to live an easy-going tropical lifestyle. If the mix of beautiful beaches and modern conveniences sounds like paradise to you, look through our listings of properties in Pensacola to find your next home.