322 New Homes For Sale in Phoenix, AZ

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As the capital of and largest city in the state of Arizona, Phoenix is on a steady path of growth that shows no signs of slowing. Residents from all over the world are magnetized to the cultural center of the Valley of the Sun. Whether it’s a southwestern style adobo with a modern influence that you’re after, a luxurious in-town condominium, or a classic American three bedroom, two bathroom structure, you’ll be sure to find and customize your home in Phoenix.

Urban villages have been the dividing lines between the communities and neighborhoods of Phoenix for many decades. There are 15 of these villages, each of which has a planning committee appointed by the city council who works to balance the residential and commercial areas within each district and promote their unique identities. Paradise Valley, Rio Vista, South Mountain, Deer Valley, and Camelback East are just a few of these little enclaves of neighborhood spirit and community togetherness. Beyond these urban villages, Phoenix has more commonly recognizable districts and regions of a sprawling city, such as Downtown, Midtown, North Phoenix, West Phoenix, South Phoenix, Biltmore, Arcadia, and Sunnyslope. All of Phoenix, of course, gets to enjoy the classic Arizona cityscape of a big sky with picturesque desert and mountains in the background.

Real estate, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and government are some of the most major industry sectors in Phoenix. The economy that once used to rely on agriculture and natural resources now depends on technological and financial markets that have bounced back admirably and significantly since the recession. Office and administrative support makes up the bulk of the employing industries in Phoenix, followed by sales, food prep and service, transportation and movement of materials, and management. Four Fortune 500 companies make their home in Phoenix, including Avnet, Freeport-McMoRan, Petsmart and Republic Services, an electronics corporation, mining company, retailer, and waste hauler, respectively.