296 Condos For Sale in Phoenix, AZ

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The hot, desert climate in Phoenix, AZ, has drawn millions of people to the area, resulting in a population of more than one and a half million people. Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona, and it is also massive in size, covering more than 500 square miles, making it the largest city in Arizona.

Downtown Phoenix contains skyscrapers, museums, government offices, and businesses, while more residential and suburban areas border the downtown area. Many homes in the residential areas were built in the 1950s, and feature well maintained homes with large lots and cactus gardens. Newer developments can be found further out on the edges of Phoenix, containing modern and more contemporary homes built in architectural styles that complement the desert landscape. There are also a few master planned communities in Phoenix, which appeal to retirees and families alike due to their convenience, plentiful outdoor spaces, and overall structural design.

Phoenix is a popular spot for businesses that are looking for warm, sunny weather and a stable economy in which to conduct business. This sunny weather-Phoenix has an average of nearly 300 days of sun each year-contributes quite a bit to the tourism, recreation, and golfing industry in the city. Some of the best-known companies with their headquarters in the area include PetSmart, U-HAUL International, Best Western, and Republic Services. The military also has a commanding presence in Phoenix, with nearby Luke Air Force Base home to about 7,500 military members. High-tech industries began moving into the area following WWII, and they’ve been coming in droves ever since, with Intel employing over 12,000 people at it second-largest location in the U.S. In the education sector, the Phoenix campus of Arizona State University, a branch of University of Arizona’s college of Medicine, Phoenix College, and 29 school districts all serve the Phoenix area, resulting in the employment of thousands of individuals.