23 Condos For Sale in Pittsburgh, PA

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Pittsburgh, PA, known as the "the Steel City", is the second largest city in the state. With a population of over 2.5 million, the city has a lot to offer when it comes to where to live. There are historic homes that date back to the early years of the country, luxury homes in planned communities, single-family homes, rowhouses and plenty of apartments and condos.

The great cost of living in Pittsburgh may not be what someone would expect from such a large city, but it helps to draw people to live here. The downtown area is also popular, especially for those looking to be close to entertainment, dining and other amenities. However, some of the other popular neighborhoods have a lot to offer, too. The younger residents are drawn to the mix of shops in Central Lawrenceville. Couples and families like the quiet, family centered life in Highland Park and the excellent schools in Mt. Lebanon. Those looking for a great atmosphere love Bloomfield, a classic Italian neighborhood close to the colleges with great walkability.

Steel has always been Pittsburgh's most well-known industry and still is a huge employer in the city. It is the home to the headquarters of the United States Steel Corp. , but there is much more to the job market. In fact, manufacturing in general is a major employment sector for this area. Everything from aluminum to food items to electronics are made here. Pittsburgh is also home to many company headquarters, which serve as major employers in the area, such as PNC Financial Services, PPG Industries, Dick’s Sporting Goods and WESCO International. In addition, the city is home to the University of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University, both of which offer vast employment opportunities. Technology is also huge with Google, Apple, Bosch, Disney Intel, IBM and Uber all having offices and employing people in Pittsburgh, PA.