170 Homes For Sale in Pittsburgh, PA

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Home buyers are drawn to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for its good values in real estate, lower cost of living and jobs for office workers, educators, executives and sales professionals. Technology, healthcare, robotics, engineering and tourism have taken over from many of the long-time steel and electronics giants and new career directions are embraced by residents who are college-educated young professionals between the ages of 20 and 29. Here you will find 69 institutions of higher learning, including many renowned R&D facilities, as well as libraries, museums and medical centers.

Known for years as the "Steel City" because of its large collection of steel-related businesses, Pittsburgh is also called the "City of Bridges." The number, 446, may seem excessive, but not when you consider that Pittsburgh stands at the head of the Ohio River, which is formed by the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers. All this water is offset by a diverse downtown area that features 30 skyscrapers, two inclines, a busy cultural district, a pre-revolutionary fort and more bars per capita than anywhere else in the country. In addition, the downtown area called Firstside, which borders the Monongahela, is expEriencing new population growth through the residential conversion of historic buildings and construction of new condo towers.

Four main areas surround downtown Pittsburgh and these are divided into 90 neighborhoods, many with an ethnic character that evokes the city’s rich immigrant heritage. The section known as Troy Hill, for example, has a population of largely German extraction. Bloomfield is described as the city’s "Little Italy." African-Americans have set down roots in Homewood and the Hill District. Many of the neighborhoods surrounding the city have a suburban rather than urban feel; there are walkable tree-lined streets, yards and houses with garages. The average price per square foot in the Pittsburgh area is $64. The average home price is $149,000, but depending on your location, you could purchase a house for much less, or a great deal more. In Pittsburgh, the lifestyle is all about variety, which is why so many people find this city appealing.