590 Homes For Rent in Raleigh, NC

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Are you planning a move to Raleigh? You’re going to enjoy being in a city that lives and breaths southern charm throughout its many diverse neighborhoods. From Fayetteville Street, the thriving downtown business district, to College Park, a distinct fixer-upper community for young couples, choices abound. Boylan Heights, Cameron Park and Laurel Hills are all comparatively affluent and well-maintained areas. Garney and Cary, two nearby commuter towns, offer a plethora of housing options for young families.

There are plenty of reasons that the greater metropolitan area of Raleigh has doubled its population in the last 40 years without losing it tradition charm or famous oak trees. Even though Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and one of the state’s major research and college cities, salaries and prices are inline with in the rest of the United States. You will find some of the top universities in the United States in the Triangle are and major sports teams, including the Tar Heels. Getting around Raleigh is easy thanks to the extensive and well maintained infrastructure that allows for quick access to all neighborhoods and the surrounding metro area by car, foot and public transport. You can look forward to a year-round, pleasant, subtropical climate when moving to Raleigh.