204 New Homes For Sale in Riverview, FL

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Riverview, Florida is located in a warm, sunny region of the Florida coast, and offers residents many options when it comes to choosing a home. There are many detached single-family homes which usually cost upwards of $200,000, each with a warm and inviting style and an abundance of space. There are also many comfortable apartments and condos available for those looking for something a little less pricey.

Riverview, Florida has a unique combination of communities which combine to create the unique charm of this city as a whole. At the middle of Riverview lies Town Center, a community which has been consistently rated in the top 9.8% of the best places to raise a family in the United States thanks to its mixture of great public schools, low crime rates and great housing opportunities. The vacancy rate in this particular portion of the city is around 17%, meaning that there are plenty of homes available for those looking to settle into this area, many of them being new constructions. Progress Village is another town in which homes are being built in order to accommodate new arrivals. This area boasts the easy accessibility of the Alafia River and the many parks and campsites which dot its banks, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for fun and relaxation for those who choose to plant their roots in this verdant space.

The largest employers in Riverview, Florida belong to the healthcare and government industries, which combined provide a total of 36,000 jobs to those living in the city and the surrounding areas. Riverview also has a large presence of active members of the United States military thanks to the MacDill Airforce Base located nearby in Hillsborough County. The airport which services the nearby city of Tampa also creates positions for the individuals living in Riverview, and provides an easy access to transportation for those whose jobs require them to travel as well. Many people in this area find themselves working in math or computer related occupations, including administrative support, sales and management opportunities, creating a great balance of both white collar and blue collar jobs for residents to choose from when deciding on which path they should take.