219 New Homes For Sale in Suffolk, VA

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Suffolk is the biggest city in the state of Virginia and showcases an interesting juxtaposition of modern metropolitan growth surrounded by the untouched beauty of nature that can be seen in nearby lakes, woods and rivers. It’s become a magnet for drawing families who want to settle in a thriving city that still retains its country values and friendly people. There is a large variety of housing, ranging from 800-square foot apartments to sprawling estates that are upwards of 7,000 square feet.

Traditional single-family residences make up the majority of housing options in Suffolk, but there are also numerous apartment complexes and senior retirement homes available. Residential homes generally have at least three bedrooms and include restored old houses as well as newer homes in community housing developments spread throughout the city. One example is the Graystone Reserve, which features walking trails, parks and playgrounds for its residents to enjoy. Due to its abundance of natural surroundings, Suffolk residents enjoy outdoor recreation all year round. The Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is a huge habitat spanning more than 100,000 acres known for its biking and hiking trails, hunting and fishing. There is an abundance of waterfront activities by the city’s many lakes. Suffolk’s metropolitan life is centered around its downtown district that’s filled with restaurants, boutiques and frequent cultural events and concerts. Popular residential areas in Suffolk include the Kilby, Myrtle and Huntersville neighborhoods, and these areas are also known for their excellent schools.

Suffolk’s economic industries are as diverse as the city itself. Farming, retail, distribution, hospitality and manufacturing businesses are some of the top employers in the city. In addition, the technology industry is on the rise in Suffolk with the creation of around 2,000 new jobs and investment of millions of dollars by employers in modern industries like cyberdefense and simulation. Traditionally, Suffolk was known as the peanut capital of the world due to its abundance of peanut farms. The Planter’s Peanut Center and Birdsong processing plant employ hundreds of workers, and the annual peanut festival is a major attraction. Real estate development is another area of rapid growth due to the influx of residents moving to this booming city that encompasses all types of housing from rural to urban.