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Located just 20 miles southwest from Houston is the affluent and impressive city of Sugar Land, Texas. Due to the economic Prosperity of the area there are many beautiful homes available to purchase. Most of Sugar Land's real estate is located within large planned communities such as Avalon, which is a community located on the waterfront. The homes in Avalon range in size from 2,200 to 6,500 square feet. Sugar Creek is another community, which is located near country clubs, churches, and restaurants.

There are many options you have when choosing a home to buy in Sugar Land. Before you make a choice, learning about the basic overview and history of the city is important. Sugar Land is in Fort Bend County and was incorporated in 1959. Despite its recent incorporation it was a prosperous sugar plantation back in the 1800s. It is still home to the sugar business due to Imperial Sugar having its headquarters here. It has experienced exponential population and job growth in recent years, becoming one of the fastest growing and wealthy cities in all of Texas. There are new jobs made available and new homes being built on a regular basis, which makes it a great place to both settle down and find new opportunities.

Sugar Land has been recognized as a great place to live in multiple occasions. HomeRoute named it one of the best 100 American cities to live in in 2004. The residents have a deep connection to sports, health, and fitness, causing the population to be deemed the Fittest City in Texas in 2006. It is home to over 900 restaurants and retail spaces, including the First Colony Mall. You can attend the various country clubs and golf courses for exceptional recreational experiences. There are many education opportunities in Sugar Land. Higher education opportunities include the University of Houston-Sugar Land and Wharton County Junior College. There are several public and private schools available to elementary and high school students. It should be noted that Clements High School and John Foster Dulles High School were listed as some of the best high schools in Texas by Texas Monthly Magazine. The private schools in Sugar Land vary from being Catholic, Protestant, or non-sectarian. Take a look at the beautiful homes we have to offer you in Sugar Land, Texas. Narrow down your results with our search tools to find the perfect home for you.