18 Condos For Sale in Tacoma, WA

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With the average home costing $214,000, Tacoma WA is a market that promises to give buyers a break from the exceptionally high housing costs in nearby Seattle. There are a wealth of architectural styles to select from, primarily Craftsman, Victorian, and Traditional. Homeowners make up the most significant portion of real estate consumers, and the area has a great mix of older homes and newer housing developments.

Tacoma has a wide variety of neighborhoods to choose from, but the majority of these are residential. The downtown area has been impressively revived over the previous years, and it serves as the center of commerce, entertainment, and business for most of the area’s residents. Downtown’s cultural district is perfect for anyone who loves the arts, and this part of town contains an array of art galleries, cafes, theaters, and the area’s famous Washington State History Museum. A short distance away, the Theater District boasts of 11 different entertainment venues to choose from. In the north, the Proctor District contains most of the city’s small businesses.

If you are looking for a job, there are a multitude of companies and industries in Tacoma. The area is an important location for the American oil industry, and U.S. Oil and Refining operates a refinery in the area that employs a large number of residents. The Tacoma Mall is also a significant employer, and its dozens of tenants provide a significant amount of jobs. Government agencies are some of the largest employers in the city, and the public school system, State of Washington, City of Tacoma, and Pierce County, are the city’s second, fourth, sixth, and seventh largest employers in the area. The local healthcare industry also has a strong presence in Tacoma, and the MultiCare and Franciscan health systems are the third and fifth largest employers in the city. These entities provide thousands of jobs for workers in hospitals, community clinics, and medical offices. In short, this area is home to a many types of jobs and a relatively healthy local economy.