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The average listing price in Tallahassee FL is $179,162, so this area is great for individuals hoping to find more affordable homes. The area has almost 3,000 homes currently available, and the city provides a wealth of historic and newer communities to choose from. The overwhelming majority of homes in Tallahassee adhere to the Mediterranean, Ranch, and Craftsman architectural styles.

Much like any other medium-sized city, Tallahassee is home to a diverse array of neighborhoods, communities, and districts. Betton Hills and Killearn Lakes are two of the most affluent, yet desirable neighborhoods in the city. These areas tend to be more popular with working professionals and families. Los Robles is a historic center of the city, and the area has officially been designated as an important historical site by the state. It is famous for its hundred-year-old Poplar trees and charming Mediterranean style homes. Southwood is an 8700-acre housing development that is home to Florida State University, and the area is home to a large percentage of Tallahassee’s residents.

Tallahassee is one of Florida’s major economic centers, and the area has a diverse and healthy job market. The State of Florida employs the largest amount of workers in the area, with nearly 25,000 citizens working for the government. Florida State University, due to its location within the state is the second largest employer in Tallahassee. The County and its corresponding school board also employ a large number of workers. Despite the fact that a healthy portion of the population works for the state or local government, there are opportunities for workers seeking out private employment. Tallahassee is home to many retail stores, healthcare centers, and insurance companies. Publix grocery store is the largest private employer in Tallahassee. The city is also home to Florida A & M University, which is currently the eighth largest employer in the city. In short, there are a wealth of job opportunities in Tallahassee, especially within government entities.

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